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Rules for the Advertising Forum

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1 Rules for the Advertising Forum on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:52 pm

Alright Guys the rules are very simple so please just follow them and save yourself the trouble of dealing with the site staff okay?

General Promotion/Affiliation Rules

1. You may not promote/affiliate outside of this forum without the permission of any of the general admins or designers.

2. You may not "flame", "troll" or "trash" other peoples advertisements, doing so will result in an instant ban.

3. You may not post an advertisement, or refer people to your advertisement. Doing so will get your advertisement removed.

4. All affiliations are dealt with through the main site and are shown here. You may not show an affiliation with another on your forum, or the forum your affiliating with.

Affiliation Requirements

To become an affiliate you must have three things:

1) A forum that you own, or administrate.

2) At the minimum of 20 active users.

3) A post count of 50 posts and above, not counting spam posts, or rules/registrations/update posts.

4) Must follow the Forumotion TOS, and the MC Inc TOS given on the affiliation request page.

Failure to meet these terms will result in your request being denied.

Any other questions about affiliation must be directed to Emmanuel.

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