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Advertising Proposals

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1 Advertising Proposals on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:38 pm

Please format your proposals accordingly to the application given, failure to do so will result in an immediate refusal.


Site Name


{Site Owner}

Site Name:
Site Description:
Site Theme:
Site Language:
Site Category:

Site Owner:
Site Administrators:
Site Moderators:

Site Creation Date:
Post Count:
Topic Count:
User Count:

Site Updates:

  1. April 20, 2010 - News


[center][size=24]Site Name[/size]


{Site Owner}[/center]

[b]Site Name[/b]:
[b]Site Description[/b]:
[b]Site Theme[/b]:
[b]Site Language[/b]:
[b]Site Category[/b]:

[b]Site Owner[/b]:
[b]Site Administrators[/b]:
[b]Site Moderators[/b]:

[b]Site Creation Date[/b]:
[b]Post Count[/b]:
[b]Topic Count[/b]:
[b]User Count[/b]:

[b]Site Updates[/b]:
[*]April 20, 2010 - News

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