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I'm working again, is this a dream?!

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So yeah Mikey managed to drag my lazy ass back into the work force for MC after I lost like ALL motivation. But now it's back on track and we have some surprises for everyone. On a side note i'm scrapping the staff application form for now, I just need helps for any of the sites. If you want to help just drop me a line in my PM Box or Email me. But yea this is my current time table:

  • This Week (9/26/10) - Continue work on MC.
  • Next Week (10/3/10) - Finish up work on MC, Finalize any last minute things.
  • Week 1 (10/10/10) - Begin working on NG, and PH. I hope to have a lot of help for this project. Continue finalizing MC and then open it up for users.
  • Week 2 (10/27/10) - Continue work on NG, and PH. I'll begin opening up Discussion for CB, FT and a new Resident Evil site that i'm planning. Also I'll begin opening up the GFX workshop for people who want to help with that.
  • Week 3 (10/24/10) - Continue work on NG, and PH. Begin work on CB as well as begin assigning staff for MC. Discussions will continue on the other sites.

That's as far as i'm planning for now, any questions just ask in this topic or on my twitter page. This is your friendly neighborhood Emman signing off!~

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Post on Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:56 pm by Kalesiz

I would suggest adding a game to you're criteria.

A game...?


Post on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:35 pm by Kalesiz

Of course it would be a new frontier for mc.

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