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The characters races of the world

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Daeve of Elyos
Daeve of Elyos
Elves:elves are the second oldest races besides the god and angels they live in the ancient and magical forest city of aliania,there they have lived over a times eternal acting as the guardians of secrets and forest the wardens of natures the eternal druids ,they were supposedly created to guard the earth from demonic forces but the demons tried to curropt them but their were smarter and destroyed the demons on earth,the gods were pleased and gifted them with inmortality the elves thanked the gods and kept protecting the land bt after manu centuries the gods tought the elves were lonely and sended the humans to accompany them but good hearted as it was it was a mistake the humans were made in the image of every god ,including the gods of evil so this were harsh creutres the deforested,killed animals everything the elves were against the elves say their evil and tried to talked to them,the humans however did not heard and attacked the elves,the gods outraged on this behavior cursed the humans and took their inmortality and almost all their gifts given to them by the gods were gone, the elves were smaller now and evil already sweeping the land not many warders left the created a powerfull land where no evil could come aliana came to be now after 10,000 years the elves have risen once again as the gods army now with the humans aid to destroy evil once and for all,their natural power consist of nature lighting and animal taming.

Angels:Not many is know of this ancient and powerfull race they were angelic beings with wings made of pure energy they said they were the meesenger of the gods they are beutifull humanoid creutres their voice sounds like the most beutifull song there able to bend reality if necessary and time travel the only thing that can kill them is a demons sword there are commanded by the archangels wich consist of the angel of justice,angel of death and angel of love the angels transport themselves to anytime and anywhere with a special power called orbing they appear in blue orbs ,their power consist of lighting bold and manifestasion.(STAFF ONLY RACE)

Humans:the youngest race in all of iliria they tend to adapt to everything in their surrounding them they are gifted by every god and gifted by free will.But this race is quite far from perfect they posses greed and many other curses they are the weakest and youngest but also the more well rounded they have made civilization quite advanced for this races age.they in their biggingin time waged war against the elves and angels of this world in this races fury looked at the humans as scum and failed race by the gods and sought to destroy them almost accomplishing this very task the gods intervined.telling them”one must look after the younger and most weak children” from this point forward the elves and angels watched over the humans as their little sister race from a distant guiding them and teaching prolonging everlasting peace.But with the rise of demons they took on arms to destroy the very threat aiding their ancient sister race’s the elves and angels they will fight for justice.

Dwarves:these race is old as stone they were made from land itself to serve the elves they utterly rebelled and hidded in the earth core they meddled witht the dark arts and earth element they crated a class of mage the elementalist they have several clansthat focus on a certain mineral all lead by the king.

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