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The plot of Final Twilight

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Daeve of Elyos
Daeve of Elyos
In the ancient world of ____an ancient group called the dark order once existed to as the ruling army and political power of the entire world all under the power of a single entity an ancient demon lord who once was a god of good and justice but his desire for ultimate world peace lead to his downfall he decided if he ruled all nothing wil go wrong so he went to the underworld and stole the a ancient elixir wich would give the ones who drinks it demonic powers.He seeked out and went to the human world claiming he was here for peace he needed a army many mortals from the two races joined him.Around ten thousand humans and five thousand light elves into his army .He gave them a taste of the elixir the soldiers were forever transformed into this monstrous beings of darkness the light elves golden brown hair and white wings turn this deep black and blue shining eyes turned blood red.The humans grew small horns and large bat wings they would forver be called “The blood empire” the god of justice also drank this powerfull evil elixir his grew bigger stronger his light positive aura turns into this aura of death putrid his light wonderfull armor turned red and black his sword the legendary”Blade of justice”was turned into this dark sword he named it”The blade of death” the remaing humans and light elves sought refuge in the worlds capital skystorm in wich the ex god of justice now called_____summoned his entire legion of demonic army to destroy the city the entire mortal population was surely dead until…the ancient gods of old appeared once again long tought to be destroyed by (insert demon lord here)they sended a bolt of lighting towards the army it did not destroy them however they only backed away and watched them the king of the gods”the elixir of demons all who drink it are immune to gods power”so the humans give their power to mortals so they could defend themselves the elves were gifted with all the elements the humans,were gifted with enhanced strenght and fire and earth elements the entire mortal races fought the the blood empire until they were destroyed and the demon lord was encased in a magical crystal by the counsil of light and the counsil of magic combined powers he was placed in a location none of powers would ever be released in the core of the world wich was pure magic.However after a thousand years the there has been reports that the demonic forces are in the world once again but the problem is they have the elixir with them and a more powerfull lord then anything in the world has seen
After the reports of seeing the remaining demonic forces was being seen. The Elves and Humans went to arms and sought out to exterminate the remaining demonic forces.The Elves and Humans had little trouble slaying most of them.Seeing they were being wiped out,The demonic force had went into hiding to wait for their new lord's arrival.The new demonic lord had see that he was outmatched even with all the power he had already controlled.He had also went into hiding deep within the underworld.Decades later,he had thought he had grown impatient and sought out to drink the elixir to increase his powers.He had then ingested the elixir and began to under go a series of transformations.His had had hardened up and turned black as charcoal itself.His hands became into large sharp claws of a wolverine.His head was a cross between a Komodo Dragon and a Rhino.Instead of having 1 horn on his face,He had two larger ones at each side of his head.Long black bones had sprouted from behind his back in the shape as well as sharp as blades.Lastly,he has sprouted a long,slim tail from behind.At the end of the tail was a spiked ball with the same bones that appeared from his back.A dark aura was formed around the lord as he then began to lose control of his body.He was too hasty in drinking the potion and had began to suffer for it.Within minutes of drinking the powerful elixir,he had completely lost control of it and was banished from it,His empty vessel had consumed the spirit and regain all of his previous powers and additionally grew more of its own.He had then called him self ___ the Fallen One. He had then controlled the remaining demonic forces and had trained them with styles similar to Human's and Elves' fighting styles.Within a small amount of time,He had regrown the horde bigger then the previous lord's own and commanded them to go out and destroy the earth.The humans and elves had then taken up arms once more and combated the fiends once more.In the end the combined Elf and Human army was overwhelmed by the new found power of the horde. Eventually,they retreated to regroup with their fellow allies.Some times they were ambushed and most of the time it didn't end well.With there numbers dwindling to near extinction,they had fled into hiding themselves and prayed to the gods for an answer.The gods had heard there prayers and did not know what to do.It was decided there was only one thing to do.They had to manifest themselves on there earth as items of power.They had decided to go through with the plan and began there ritual.Normally they wouldn't have to sacrifice there whole being but seeing as they were already low on power and there was a limited amount of time,it was the only way.They had then transcended there beings into one type of all known weapons.But the problem was,They needed to decide who the champion was gonna be. Both Elves and Humans had then hosted a tournament.It went on for half a year before a champion was born.He was called The Crimson Flame seeing as he was already a master of fire and now it was mixed with Holy arts as well.He had then led the combined trained army into battle once more against The Fallen One's horde.The war waged on for quite awhile. After half a year,The Crimson Flame had emerged victorious after slaying The Fallen. Soon after,He had ordered the remaining demons slaughtered. In his manhunt he had grown more ambitious. He had then taken the elixir for himself as well as the holy relics and began to conquer the other races territories.The humans and Elves saw he was growing too powerful and had decided to over throw the tyrant and stripped him off the Relics and scattered them across the country.They had then banished him from there settlement.Seething in Anger,He had taken the potion and drink it self and began to grow dark.Unlike the lord he had slain,He was able to take control of the powerful being that inhabited the elixir.He had then began to make his on army of water down darkness clones of himself and attack the settlement that banished him.From then on he was known as..... The Crimson Darkness.

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